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Most people think wealth is created arithmetically. However, if that were true, many more people would be wealthy. By utilizing The Wellington Group’s financial process, our clients are able to avoid the financial pitfalls found with traditional financial planning. Our process is based on factual and verifiable information and is not opinion based.

Through a series of meetings, we will use an educational process to help you personally discover how to align your financial decisions, your personal situation and your goals with confidence. We hope that you will approach your relationship with The Wellington Group family of advisors with the same high expectations we have.

  • Expect an advisor who listens in order to understand your unique situation
  • Expect an advisor who makes recommendations based upon your individual objectives rather than          a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Expect an advisor who takes the time to answer your questions
  • Expect an advisor who respects and appreciates your right to accept or decline recommendations
  • Expect an advisor who helps you build confidence in your present and future financial situation
  • Expect an advisor who will meet with you periodically to help refine your plan as your objectives            or economic circumstances change
  • Expect transparency so you can understand how we are paid for the services we provide

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