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Business Owners

Like many successful business owners, you have worked long and hard to make your business what it is today. The day-to-day demands of running your company may have distracted you from taking the time to develop a successful strategy for your retirement.

At The Wellington Group we understand that taking all the necessary steps to protect what you built and staying ahead of the competition, to continue to grow, takes time and effort. It is likely that you work with multiple professionals such as an accountant, attorney, insurance agent, financial planner and other professionals, but they probably have never come together in one room to discuss how a decision made by one of them will affect your overall financial picture. At The Wellington Group, we are committed to become your personal CFO for all your financial decisions. We will help guide you in decision making to protect what you have built, navigate legacy strategies / succession planning, and your retirement objectives, including Corporate Defined Benefit and Corporate Defined Contribution Plans.

An example of some of the areas that we work with our clients are:

  • Business Insurance
  • Succession Planning
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Key Person Planning
  • Split Dollar Arrangements
  • Supplemental Life & Disability Income Protection
  • Personal Wealth Management Strategies

Bringing Financial Dreams to Life